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I personally am lounging in a smoking jacket and moccasins as I write this

Herb and Jamaal, 6/8/06

Jamaal looks like he’s selecting a volume from one of those fake bookcases full of near-identical tomes that shysters stand in front of in late-night TV commercials for law firms specializing in personal injury cases. Maybe the artist originally intended for Jamaal to be watching TV — an environment where his loungewear would be more apropos — but, like Jamaal himself, decided to do a little last-minute semantic shifting. Not that his internal musing on PC names for his loungewear makes any kind of sense anyway. I guess what I’m trying to say is: kids, don’t start with a punchline and then work your way backwards from there. It isn’t going to work out well for you.

Gil Thorp, 6/8/06

Who says the artists over at Gil Thorp aren’t very good? I have never seen a more harrowing look of sheer horror on any comic character’s face than the one that the Rap Dog is sporting in panel two. If anyone wonders how tough a nut Jolene Raptor’s going to be to crack, all they need to do is look into Brent’s glassy, terrified eyes right there.

Apartment 3-G, 6/8/06

“Things like … my roommates’ sexual orientation!” *sob*

You know, Lu Ann’s statement in the first panel would ring truer if we had even a shred of a sense of what Tommie’s personality was like. As it is, I think I can speak for the entire Apartment 3-G-reading public in saying that I have no idea what kind of party would be Tommie’s kind of party. “Tommie, I know you don’t like leaving the house or talking to people. Thanks for making the sacrifice!”

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  1. habrdash
    June 9th, 2006 at 7:17 am [Reply]

    Is it just me, or is the Apartment 3-G story completely sexual in nature? I admit there’s a slight undercurrent of normality, but frankly it sounds like they’re going to an orgy where Tommie will watch and “amuse” herself.

  2. Chris
    June 9th, 2006 at 7:41 am [Reply]

    Yeah, that 2nd GT panel was harrowing. Rap Dog needs to change his underwear after that.

    And, I still wonder what the hell happened to Tommie…decades ago she was a hot, hot, hot redhead with an acerbic tongue (always taking the piss out of Margo) who wore a nurse’s cap (hotness!) a lot of the time. When did she become a sack of insipid, quivering jelly?

  3. Len
    June 9th, 2006 at 7:52 am [Reply]

    There was a history article posted about the origins of the Apartment 3 Girls strip. Margot was based on the young Joan Collins, Luann on Tuesday Weld, and Tommie on Lucille Ball!

    They are obviously not inspired by the same movie/ TV stars any more. Any Curmudgeons got suggestions as to whom the Girls are based on in this 21st Century?

  4. Chet McCord, Wildlife Defender
    June 9th, 2006 at 7:56 am [Reply]

    The artwork of Gil Thorp is Not Very Good. In fact, This Strip is Not Very Good.

  5. Devil in the Drain
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:09 am [Reply]

    Herb & Jamaal: “. . . don’t start with a punchline and then work your way backwards from there.” It’s worse than that, because no-one calls it a “wife-beater T-shirt”. It’s a “wife-beater”, if you’re going to use that phrase at all. But then the author had to add “T-shirt” (like playing the exposition game), for any readers who might not get the reference. (Which would have killed the joke, had it not died at birth.)

  6. Sean-o
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:12 am [Reply]

    I’m not exactly Curt Gowdy (the late, great Red Sox announcer who did all the games when I was a kid), but, still, the baseball reference puzzles me: how does one “steal two hits at third base”? Stealing third base after a double, yes, and twice in one game is certainly impressive, but “stealing hits”?

    Also, reviewing RapDog’s frame and goofy demeanor, this “solid pro prospect” (presumably a pitcher) he faced must specialize in serving up meatballs to frightened looking, poorly drawn, white trash tubs. Let’s hope he winds up on the Yankees…

  7. Anonymous
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:14 am [Reply]

    This is a very minor point, but why is Cookie Bumstead the only teenager on the planet who doesn’t have her own cell phone?

    (Old Fogey)

  8. Bigfoot
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:17 am [Reply]

    Can we all just agree that a thong is a nearly-buttless pair of underpants and that flip flops are what you wear on your feet?

    The thought of Jamaal in a wife beater & real thongs made me seriously think I should crawl into a hole for a little while.

  9. Tom
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:18 am [Reply]

    Today’s a good day to play switch-the-second-panel dialog. The Rap Dog’s expression makes perfect sense if the outsider is saying, “…I like to wear muscle shirts and zorries.”

    And if Jamal isn’t exactly heading for comedy gold with, “I’ll enjoy the art and indulge in some people-watching,” well, he wasn’t anyway, was he?

  10. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:21 am [Reply]

    9CL: I have a problem with Thorax’s bashing of humanity. Several species of canines have killed for recreation, and other species have bee known to lie. My parrot, Polly, for example, insisted that she wanted a cracker, when she really doesn’t like crackers.

  11. Chris
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:24 am [Reply]

    #3 Len, yeah, that makes sense…Margo was smokin’ hot (often walked around 3G in sexy lingerie), LuAnn was kittenishly beautiful, and Tommie was the wise-crackin’ smart ass. And they were all curvy and lookin’ for some lovin’.

    And the Professor was a fat, fat fatty avuncular type who clearly used to have to lock himself in the bathroom after visiting “The Girls of Apartment 3G”, as which red-blooded male wouldn’t?

    3G used to rock. Honest!

  12. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:26 am [Reply]

    #3 – Len, maybe Tommie is still based on Lucille Ball, as Lucy sadly passed away several years ago.

  13. BassoGap
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:34 am [Reply]

    Sean-o (#6) – He should have said “robbed two hits”…as in took the hits away from the batter with great defense. Steal…rob…hey, if you don’t give a rip about artwork or plotline, why should you care about getting the baseball terminology right?

  14. Curt Gowdy
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:37 am [Reply]

    #6, Sean-o, Raptor was playing 3rd base and made a couple nice plays to take away hits. We saw one earlier in the week.

  15. srah
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:39 am [Reply]

    What the hell are zorries? Is that another name for flip-flops? Is the joke that he’s talking about the same things in panels 2 and 4, but with different names? I think of a muscle shirt as being a sleeveless t-shirt, like a t-shirt with the sleeves cut/ripped off, whereas a wife-beater is more like a tank top, and is made to be an undershirt. I don’t think they’re the same thing at all. And I certainly don’t think “muscle shirt and zorries” sounds much better than “wife-beater [t-shirt] and thongs”.

  16. King Folderol
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:40 am [Reply]

    GT – #6 Sean -O, the referencing to stealing two hits at 3B means that Rapdog that a great job on defense and prevented two hard hit balls from leaving the IF.

    From a realism standpoint, if Rapdog was so good, he’d get drafted and go right to the pros. The number of players that ignorant high school coaches get all lathered up about who go to college and make the pros is few and far between.

    RMMD – I like how Rex has the seemingly superhero-like ability to read over Troy’s shoulder from a few feet away.

    A3G – Why the superfluous use of “Suddenly” in Panel 3 today? It would be one thing if something dramatic had happened, but it’s just Margo walking through the door.

  17. Duane Schneider
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:01 am [Reply]

    Ummm, Margo, we are not going, we are cumming.

    Want to join in?

  18. dimestore lipstick
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:03 am [Reply]

    Zori, not “Zorries”. Sheesh.

    Japanese thong sandals, commonly known as flip-flops.

  19. Abbey the Wonderdog
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:06 am [Reply]

    So, is Holsing going to be the sugar daddy who saves the clinic?

    And thusly widdle Sawah’s life?


  20. BassoGap
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:07 am [Reply]

    Luann – An “adult dining room”? Well, if it’s *adult*, maybe Tiff should wear less, not more. And wait a minute…didn’t he call her Sheraton the other day? How’d he figure out her name is Tiffany?

    MT – Ok, that’s the second time Mark has had to excuse himself in this conversation. Will we get a couple more days of him being gone, before he finally gives something completely lame to Tony? About the only thing that could save this plot is a steaming dish of Lou’s lamb stew, with mountain goat replacing the lamb.

    PBS – “Lawrence of Arabia”, too much sand. “Jaws”, too much water. “Apollo 13″, too much space. “Caine Mutiny”, not enough strawberries.

    MW – “Go the distance”??? I’m not sure quite how they’re going to work Burt Lancaster as Moonlight Graham into this story… And wtf is with the grabbing and wrestling in the kitchen?

    RMMD – Less Rex/Troy/bludgeoning, more June.

    Foob – No teen who ever lived has said “discussing” like that. More likely “What’choo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

    SF – Dammit…they’re still advising these girls to give it up and put out early. What is Ces thinking? ;-)

    (DT)GT – “SCSC Owls”? Seymour HS, in Indiana? And please tell me Jolene’s not wearing a shirt with “69″ on it…that’ll make me swear off eating Doritos for at least a month. And I bet Donnell could pitch a lot better if he opened his eyes.

    GF – Nice, Satchel, slipping the tutu comment in there, real subtle-like…

  21. Howard Erk
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:23 am [Reply]

    “PBS – “Lawrence of Arabia”, too much sand. “Jaws”, too much water. “Apollo 13″, too much space. “Caine Mutiny”, not enough strawberries.”

    Get Fuzzy, not enough humor.

  22. DCBirdblaster
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:28 am [Reply]

    I was reading Blondie today and made an observation. Cookie appears to be stooped over for some reason. Now I wonder… is she stooped over because she doesn’t want to appear taller than her date or do her DD’s weigh that much that it has permanently fused her back into a permanent stoop? Come to think of it, her mom seems to have the same condition. Hmmm..

  23. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:43 am [Reply]

    SF: Faye is about to be the breakout softball queen slugger who saves the day. This is due to the comic page laws of inverse attraction that spawned such shocking revelations in notable comic-hall-of-fame strips like yesterday’s TDIET, where the idiot scores better than the B+ student (Ah, Obi-Wan, when we last met, I was the student and you were the master. But now I am the master!!). Faye now begins to weild the bat like a light sabre, and forces the team to call her Darth Fayeter.

  24. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 10:09 am [Reply]

    MW: Gaaah! Lou and Kelly are about to get funky all over each other on the kitchen floor, as the milk on the counter slowly curdles!

    A3G: I did like the “suddenly” headline today. Since the strip quickly jerks the reader around from one location to another without clear referencing where they are or how much time has elapsed since the last frame or strip, the “suddenly” warning ought to be applied more often. Thankfully it was there today, so I could brace myself for the shock that “suddenly” revealed itself to be Margo with wild, glaring eyes as if she’s about at the tipping point of a coke high. Speak softly, don’t make any sudden moves and never turn your back on her, Luann & Tommie.

  25. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 10:26 am [Reply]

    In GT (pictured above), is that Gil’s closeup on the right hand side of frame 1? Does it look like he’s struggling to stay awake, or what?

  26. Joel
    June 9th, 2006 at 10:35 am [Reply]

    A3G – like the sexy bathrobe and yes it seems like the girls are about to go to munchville.

  27. Tim Cavanaugh
    June 9th, 2006 at 10:44 am [Reply]

    How do you steal “two hits at third base”? In next week’s Gil Thorp I predict Rap Dog will score a three-point touchdown in hockeyball.

  28. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 10:52 am [Reply]

    BC: An obscure pun about “In God they trussed”.
    Next question: Hey, look at all the buildings they have in other places. Why are we living in caves?
    Answer: Because we’re losers.

  29. rich
    June 9th, 2006 at 11:22 am [Reply]

    Mark Trail: Any guesses on what the big surprise will be? “Look, Tony — we pieced together that blown-apart mountain goat and had it stuffed for you! We even preserved the expression of terror on his face!”

  30. GotFuzzy
    June 9th, 2006 at 11:34 am [Reply]

    Can anybody help me make some sense of Prickly City? I thought Stantis had gone off the rails a couple of Saturdays ago when then coyote scribble got back from the Desert Hamster War and made some remark about declaring victory and going home, and it seemed like the girl scribble and the coyote scribble had switched political points of view. But this whole week of faith talk has me completely dumsquizzled. So much so that I can’t even work up a snark for a (DT)GT that features a coach named Hardman, Donnell sleeping while his baseball future is being shredded and the lovely Jolene Raptor making a reappearance sans Dorito shirt, but thankfully not totally shirt-free. So you know it’s bad!

  31. Bigfoot
    June 9th, 2006 at 11:50 am [Reply]

    (#24) Hogenmogen, I totally agree with the necessity of “Suddenly” in today’s A3G. It helped me brace myself for the shock & horror of Margot looking so completely insane.

  32. GoBobbyGo
    June 9th, 2006 at 12:03 pm [Reply]

    Re: (DT)GT

    1. What’s the “DT” part for? Is it just that he looks a little bit like Dick Tracy?

    2. Somebody better Donnell that the draft happened a few days ago.

  33. Anonymous
    June 9th, 2006 at 12:36 pm [Reply]

    #8 Sorry, I (and many people I know) called flip-flops thongs long before buttless underwear became common, and I will probably continue to do so (not to spite you, just because that’s what I call them).

    #28 I am baffled to find myself defending B.C. It was a legitimate pun. No funnier than most, less funny than some. Plus it gave Johnny a chance to get god in there while still not directly proselytizing (it _is_ a comon phrase, after all). All in all, one of his better efforts (at least in the last 30 years or so).

  34. GotFuzzy
    June 9th, 2006 at 12:56 pm [Reply]


    (DT)=Death to. I am all in favor of applying this to Dick Tracy as well. Has the glacial plot advanced any there?

  35. GoBobbyGo
    June 9th, 2006 at 1:28 pm [Reply]

    #34: Sure, it advances. Are there serials that advance less glacially than GT?

    Ever read a book / watch a tv show / see a movie that you were just determined to like going in?

    Aside: I like the Chicago Reader – it’s the the best of the (admittedly small sample of) free city weeklies I’ve come across. I certainly learn a lot more about what’s going on in Chicago there than the Trib or the Sun-Times. And I particularly like their media columnist, Mike Miner. Every so often he says that GT is the best serial in the comics today. So I started reading it, determined to like it, and I guess I like it just fine. I mean, it’s a serial. I don’t get why they exist. But I’ve got nothing better to do with those ten seconds a day. Sure, all the things y’all point out are hilarious, but, as far as a comic pages serial, it’s better than, well, any of the others.

    But what do I know? I also like Frazz and Arlo & Janis. And Overboard. And sometimes even Sylvia. And I keep waiting for Robotman to come back.

    And I’ve been here a week and no one’s commented on Red Meat. Or Alien Loves Predator. Now THAT’s sad.

  36. Ferd Berfel
    June 9th, 2006 at 1:40 pm [Reply]

    9CL – I like Thorax. Hell, I love Thorax. However, a little Thorax goes a long way. Let’s get with the story arc here, Brooke.

    A3G – “Suddenly” is right! It looks like Margo is in her manic phase and that spells trouble.

    DT – How long ago was that car crash? Three weeks? A month? While I can swallow the idea that the stooges in the White House haven’t yet realized that the bags were switched, I can’t believe that B.O. hasn’t checked on his money.

    FBOW – I, for one, am glad that St. Elly is looking at burial plots. It means she may eventually die. The sooner the better too. Retire, Johnston, and do the world a favor. The ‘story whiplash’ you’ve been puting us through of late only makes us loathe you even more. Robin is sick and the Kelpfroths are unbearable but, before anything happens there, we switch to Lardass pussy whipping Tonto Doo-wright and, before anything happens there, we switch to St. Elly bitching about growing old. Knock it off.

    GA – Note to new readers: Although they don’t look it, Slim and Claudia are grandparents. From the looks of ‘Hooby’, they’ll only have one grandchild. Hopefully the state stepped in and sterilized the parents.

    GF – Wearing a tutu and arrested by Mounties? I want to watch one of Satchel’s dreams.

    (DT)GT – Sigh… After being praised by Coach Hardman, Brent returns home to Ma Raptor only to succumb to her negativity and miasma of Dorito farts. (I’d like to thank the poster who wrote that lovely phrase a few weeks back. I’ve been using it daily.) I also love how Ma is rummaging through the kitchen cabinet looking for pudding pops, marshmallow fluff, and/or chocolate chips. Note to the less baseball inclined readers: Yes, Brent can ‘steal’ runs at 3rd base. ‘Rob’ is the word normally used, but I’ve read and heard ‘steal’ being used also. There’s already enough wrong with the strip so we don’t really need to make things up.

    MW – I’ve given up reading this strip as the Kelly-Lou Lovefest has become too nauseating. I’ll pick it up again when the posters here tell me the coast is clear.

    Popeye – Molly Mudhook makes her debut. And what a dame she is! Yeeesh!

    Luann – Nice slam on Tiffany; This isn’t Hooters. Sadly there is no follow up. As much as I’m glad to see the Brad-Toni story wander off stage for a while, I’ve got a sinking feeling that this “Luann works at rest home” story isn’t going to be much better.

    Monty – Dr. Vinny Boom Botz hasn’t really done much of anything yet, has he? Rather disappointing.

    RMMD – Finally, the other plot reappears. As Dr. McChessey makes his bumbling exit, we shouldn’t forget that Skanky McSkankington is parked outside the Morgan Manse.

    SF – Wait a minute! I distinctly remember Faye teasing Hilary about being a jock. It caused a fight and gave Sally a chance to offer ‘advice’ to her brat. Now Faye is playing on the softball team with Hilary? Huh?

  37. Benicillin
    June 9th, 2006 at 1:45 pm [Reply]

    Damn, Get Fuzzy…

    Howard Erk be like dissing you and yo ass don’t even respond yo man you gots played out like a booga.

  38. GotFuzzy
    June 9th, 2006 at 2:15 pm [Reply]

    Ferd, you are making my point about Dick Tracy! The crash happened weeks ago in real world time, but in Tracyland only several minutes have elapsed. I mean, the cars were still a flaming heap of metal in Wednesday’s strip. (Flaming Heap of Metal is a great name for a band or this infuriating comic.) (And thank you for the kind words about “miasma of Dorito farts.” It felt great when I typed it, and I’m so pleased to know it lives on).

    GoBobbyGo, if you really find Gil Thorp to be a compelling strip in a clear-eyed, non-ironic sort of way, you may not want to spend much time here. The universal feeling seems to be that the artwork is laughable and the storylines are pedantic, preachy and predictable. Even the character names get ripped on mercilessly. In short, you’ll be like Howard Erk, a lonely voice shouting into the wind.

    Meanwhile, WTF is up with Prickly City? Really!

  39. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 2:31 pm [Reply]

    Cleanliness factors aside, has Dr. Vinny Boom Botz in Monty done anything that Rex Morgan didn’t do when he checked Jack “one eye” Wilcox?
    Heart beat: Yeah, he’s got one.
    Smack knee: It hurt – just like it’s supposed to.
    Open up & Say “Ah!”: Yup, those dangly things at back of the throat are still there.
    You look ok to me. See the nurse for bilking – er, billing.

    #33 – Anon, Yes it was a legitimate pun, but the point I was trying to make was that BC is supposed to take place like a million years before they built cathedrals. How do they have a photograph of one? If they have cathedrals in BC-land, why don’t they at least build houses for themselves? Yes, there’s a lot of out-of-place artifacts in BC, like reading books, references to cell phones or other modern devices. Those tend to be the “joke”, that a caveman would be able to have or know of these modern things. The photograph of the cathedral wasn’t the joke. The joke was the pun about the construction methods. That would have worked for say, Wizard of Id, which takes place during the time of castle construction, but not in the time of dinosaurs. You may retort that dinosaurs and man never co-existed, but please don’t get all “evolution” on me.

  40. Moss_Moses
    June 9th, 2006 at 2:35 pm [Reply]

    Re: “gots played out like a booga.”

    You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but you can’t pick message board posters

    Chatu is quite the gay name for a manly shirtless terr’ist of his stature, not that there is anything wrong with gay terr’ists. It seems like he should be singing Smooth Operator with Rex Morgan or something. The Phantom suffered disorientation and superficial lycra spandex wounds in the terr’ist car bombing but is fully recovered now, unbeknownst to Chatu. Perhaps Rhodia is the next failed state terr’ist safe haven on W’s hitlist. They do seem to hate Bangalla’s freedom…

    Since the “upgrade”, posting to this blog has become a crapshoot, IE or Mozilla. Is there some secret method that works every time?

  41. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 2:40 pm [Reply]

    GoBobbyGo, I’m on your side about GT. Compared to the utter droning, cessile, vapid pabulum of Mary Worthless, GT is a gem. I’ve been following it for a few months now and it still gets a bit choppy in points. It’s nowhere near my fave. GotFuzzy and his ilk can rip on it all they want, but I’m open minded and self confident enough to read criticism without taking it personally, as I don’t write the strip. You can also subsitute “open minded and self-confindent” with “too self-absorbed to give a sh!t about anyone else’s opinion” and that would be ok with me too, because I’m open minded and self confident.

  42. BassoGap
    June 9th, 2006 at 2:50 pm [Reply]

    (Death To) Gil Thorp

  43. GotFuzzy
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:01 pm [Reply]

    I’m a her, not a him. And I think we can all admit that we really are concerned about others’ opinions or we would not bother to read and post here.

    That being said, I’m not trying to say that one opinion is right or wrong, just warning that someone who truly likes Gil Thorp might find a lot of negative comments to wade through.

    And Josh, Moss_Moses is right–trying to post a comment has become a long process filled with much cursing.

  44. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:02 pm [Reply]

    For a while, I thought Chatu was talking about being the one who killed Phantom’s father or something. That would have made a more interesting story line with Phantom XX vs. the guy who whacked Phantom XIX. But alas, we get a weaker story line than that.

  45. GotFuzzy
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:03 pm [Reply]

    Damn! That one worked like a charm!

    p.s. (DT)GT
    p.p.s. *booger*

  46. Josh
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:04 pm [Reply]

    re: posting problems. The problem is very intermittent, which of course makes it maddeningly difficult to diagnose and fix. Some people never experience it, some experience it briefly and then it goes away, some people are bedeviled by it near-constantly.

    The problem arose when I installed a plug-in to my blogging software that caches dynamically created pages. If you want me to go into details as to what the hell that means, I can; the short version is that my blog was eating up way too much server power, and my host threatened to shut me down if I didn’t do something about it, and this is the only thing I found that worked. So I don’t have a choice about keeping this feature implemented.

    For reasons that I cannot explaine, experience has shown that varying what you put in the “Name” field, even by a single character, often fixes the problem. So, Moss, for instance, if you run into a blank screen when you’re trying to post (I’m assuming this is what’s happening to you, as it’s what’s happening to everybody else who’s having posting problems), change your name to Moss Moses (without the underscore) or something along those lines.

    I apologize for the difficulty that this puts in people’s ways, and the hard time I’ve had in fixing it. All I can say is that I am but a one-man show, and that one man is learning how to use the tech that runs this site pretty much as he goes along, and said tech wasn’t always designed for a blog that gets the amount of traffic that this one gets. If there are any WordPress gurus out there who may have some thoughts on the matter, I’d love to hear from them.

    re: Gil Thorp: Gil Thorp is the daddy mac. I love it both ironically and nonironically simultaneously, and thus have achieved hipster nirvana. OK, seriously, the art is crappy, but plotline-wise I find it quite enjoyable, and find its derangedly quick pace a refreshing change from the other soapers.


  47. Hogenmogen
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:11 pm [Reply]

    #43 – Sorry about the gender mix up. About other’s opinions – maybe I just take them with a grain of salt the size of Idaho. I don’t read to find other’s opinions, I read because a lot of the opinions are very funny, even if I don’t agree. Maybe I’m not a “true” GT fan anyway, maybe I’m just a fair-weather GT fan. But trust me on my self-diagnosis. I’m pompous and self absorbed.

    All you (dt)GT people have to admit, though – MT, MW, RMMD could never put together a character like Milicent Raptor. Kudos to GT on that.

  48. Lyman-Returns
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:18 pm [Reply]

    FBOFW-Proof that April is the embodiment of evil! Observe, in this installment, as she materializes in the room in her true form, a living mass of darkness, before she remembers she must pass as human and resumes her teenage girl form.

    I think this comic will end its run with April revealing herself and attempting to draw Canada into a giant, destructive black hole, only to be stopped when Eva reveals herself as Storm from the X-Men and she and Alpha Flight defeat April and save the day.

    Whatever happens, you know that would be more interesting than the way FBOFW will end in real life.

  49. MossMoses
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:37 pm [Reply]

    Sappy treacle warning!

    The lines in today’s MW are ripped off from the haunting lyrics of Foreigner:

    “I want to know what love is
    I want you to show me”

    Oh Lou, some guys don’t know what love is but you do.

    Hmmm…. Love is forcefeeding and manipulating your plumper spouse because of your own insecurity? Okay it’s all subjective anyway.

    btw: Josh, I’m trying your name trick.

  50. GotFuzzy
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:41 pm [Reply]

    I don’t run into a blank screen. I run into the “Cannot find server” screen of death, often for several minutes in a row. I also sometimes get the “It looks like you have already posted that” page when my comment does not appear. It is maddening, but not totally off-putting as I keep coming back for more.

    Hogenmogen, no worries on the gender mixup. It’s hard to tell in cyberspace. And *I’m* self-absorbed enough to think that people care.

  51. Old Fogeyette
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:41 pm [Reply]

    This is a test to see if changing my name will allow me to post normally. If it works, it will also reveal my gender, since gender issues seem to be a problem today. (But then, when are they not?)

  52. Zorba the Geek
    June 9th, 2006 at 3:49 pm [Reply]

    re: posting problems.

    I maintain that this blog has been cursed by Diadiktia, Goddess of the Internet (also Computers, Cell Phones, Blackberries, and I-Pods). Those lucky enough to escape the posting curse and who can thereby post easily, on their first tries, have obviously made the proper sacrifices to Diadiktia. And what is the proper sacrifice to such a Goddess? That’s easy, you must sacrifice a……..(wait for it)………………………RAM. (Cough, cough. Sorry about that.)

  53. Hank Kimble
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:07 pm [Reply]

    6/9 DTGT– Looks like Ma Raptor is using the same hair gel Cameron Diaz used in “Something About Mary.”

  54. Hank Kimble
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:08 pm [Reply]

    Hope it’s not Brent’s.

  55. MossMoses
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:26 pm [Reply]

    Old Fogeyette:

    I had the same posting problem with “Moss Moses” as I did with “Moss_Moses” but my last post posted without incident using “MossMoses” without spaces. How about OldFogeyette? It’s worth a try…

  56. GoBobbyGo
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:30 pm [Reply]

    Re: #38

    There’s a difference between liking something just fine and finding it compelling.

    I don’t spend the day wondering what’s going to happen next, or anything like that.

    Catty comments are fine. I mean, if I didn’t like them, why would I be here?

    And I’m perfectly capable of thinking GT is as bad as y’all say it is and the best serial in the comics at the same time. I mean, is there one that’s better? Seriously?

    And, yeah, Momma Raptor’s hair is terrifying in panel 3. Perhaps most so because she appears to have a very large bald spot.

  57. GoBobbyGo
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:32 pm [Reply]

    Re: #38

    There’s a difference between liking something just fine and finding it compelling.

    I don’t spend the day wondering what’s going to happen next, or anything like that.

    Catty comments are fine. I mean, if I didn’t like them, why would I be here?

    And I’m perfectly capable of thinking GT is as bad as y’all say it is and the best serial in the comics SIMULTANEOUSLY. I mean, is there one that’s less awful? Seriously?

    And, yeah, Momma Raptor’s hair is terrifying in panel 3. Perhaps most so because she appears to have a very large bald spot.

  58. GoBobbyGo
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:47 pm [Reply]

    Apologies for the double post – it looked like a different problem – it said I was being flagged as spam

  59. Maughtae
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:53 pm [Reply]

    I, too, am female with a gender-neutral name (or, rather, a word I completely made up). And now, with the added “e”, I guess I am plural.

    Back on topic, does anyone else subscribe to ucomics and NOT get the naked Pibgorn from Weds? I’m very disappointed.

  60. danzhallq
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:55 pm [Reply]

    Re: #53 and #54


  61. danzhallq
    June 9th, 2006 at 4:56 pm [Reply]

    uh i mean #52 and #53 … could have sworn i checked that..

  62. GoBobbyGo
    June 9th, 2006 at 5:30 pm [Reply]

    Re: #57

    I didn’t get the naked one either. But that’s Drusilla, not Pibgorn.

  63. Old Fogeyette
    June 9th, 2006 at 5:31 pm [Reply]


    I think “Old Fogeyette” is working. I’ll cross my fingers and claws.


    I too have subscribed to Pibgorn and am not getting it. I’ve tried under two different email addresses. I’m also not getting the three newsletters I signed up for at Comedy Central. If I REALLY cared, I’d try all of these under MS Explorer rather than Firefox.

  64. gnome de blog
    June 9th, 2006 at 6:44 pm [Reply]

    All you (dt)GT people have to admit, though – MT, MW, RMMD could never put together a character like Milicent Raptor. Kudos to GT on that.

    Rita “Ritzilla” Begler, late of Mary Worth, was every bit the equal of Millicent Raptor. As were Fity Cent Foxworth and our buddy Fence Post Frank (though only in a cameo appearance) over in Rex Morgan.

    That was last year, though. In 2006 I’ll concede that Mama Rap-dog is the leading money-winner so far.

  65. treedwelller
    June 9th, 2006 at 6:46 pm [Reply]

    #37 The anachronistic joke is a given with this thing–just how did Clumsy grind those lenses, for example. I read here awhile back that the strip is actually supposed to be set in some post-apocalyptic future and was going to use that as the excuse, but then I went to the comic’s home page and read this:

    “Caveman gags, for reasons which I still cannot explain, were an obsession in those days,” Johnny remembers. “One day, a friend jokingly suggested I create a strip revolving around prehistoric times.”

    According to wiki (, it started out as purely prehistoric and then the anachronisms began creeping in.
    Whatever–I grant you the comic sucks, but thought this one came closer to not sucking than most BC’s do.

  66. treedwelller
    June 9th, 2006 at 6:50 pm [Reply]

    btw, I was the (unintentional) anonymous in 33

  67. GoBobbyGo
    June 9th, 2006 at 6:53 pm [Reply]

    57: I subscribe and I didn’t get it either. That’s Drusilla, not Pibgorn, BTW.

  68. treedweIlerer
    June 9th, 2006 at 7:01 pm [Reply]

    OMG!! I was looking more into the BC thing and found this interview in the WIKI refere3nces:

    I swear, I’m not sure if this is real or a parody.

    When I began to do Christian themes, that’s when I began what I’m trying to accomplish. I would do more Christian themes, but right now there’s a balance–thanks to God. He holds me down. He makes it difficult for me to come up with enough Christian themes, because I probably would do it with all of them. But I realize the value in being subtle.

    I think the current balance is effective — using good secular humor. That keeps people reading it — the audience I need to reach with the Christian stuff.

    I’d like the content to be at least half-and-half. But to do that, I must do it with greater subtlety — like having gags with morals. I want to do them with subtlety and with more “yucks.” I want them to be really funny. The funnier they are, the more people remember them.

    then again, who but Hart would hit us over the head twice in one short answer with the idea that he uses “subtlety?” Or suggest that BC ever contains “yucks?” I guess it is real.

  69. Doug Puthoff
    June 9th, 2006 at 7:33 pm [Reply]

    I’m still waiting for that transgender Judy Garland impersonator to show up again in GT.

  70. Tommie’s Dream ”Date”
    June 9th, 2006 at 8:29 pm [Reply]

    I had a hard time getting through the three little panels of Herb and Jamaal because I couldn’t get that weird phrase “lounge to read” straight in my head. Has anyone in the world ever uttered that mysterious combination of words? It’s like something badly translated from a Japanese video game.

  71. Jimmy
    June 9th, 2006 at 9:24 pm [Reply]

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Sally and Ted Forth resemble praying mantises? Especially in that recent sequence where Hilary had them dancing in public and embarrassing her…

  72. rich
    June 10th, 2006 at 2:52 am [Reply]

    63: Yeah, now that you mention it…

    The thing that’s always ruined the strip for me is Herb’s freakish goatee-thing. It looks like he has an innertube stretched over his jaw.

  73. tefflan
    June 10th, 2006 at 10:44 am [Reply]

    Wait until Rex Morgan discovers Jamaal has somehow gotten into his house and is now in his library thumbing through his first editions while dressed in a “wife beater” and thongs. He’ll probably go crazy…

    No, wait a minute…he’d probably like that kind of thing.

  74. tefflan
    June 10th, 2006 at 11:16 am [Reply]

    To “Tommie’s Dream Date:”

    I see what you mean about “lounge to read.” Think of “lounge” and “read” as verbs and you’ll get it straight. Did you ever hear about the Japanese guy who went to the optometrist because he couldn’t see very well, and the doctor took a look at his eyes and said, “Well, it looks like you have a cataract.” The Japanese guy then said, “No, I have a Rincoln Town Car.”

  75. kostia
    June 10th, 2006 at 3:16 pm [Reply]

    I get Pibgorn through I have to click on a link to read it, but at least it isn’t censored or anything like that.

    I always save it for last because it’s so, so pretty and I just love this play. Any artwork that sets Shakespeare in the ’20s or ’30s is a sure thing.

  76. Len
    June 11th, 2006 at 8:10 am [Reply]

    #74 — Are you sure it’s the 20s or 30s? I thought those double breasted suits and fedoras came in during the War Years (1940s). That would explain why the performance of “Pyramus and Thisby” is cast all with ingenue-type girls. The young men are all in Europe, fighting World War II. This is the Army, mister Jones!

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