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Some of you may not have seen Monday’s Pearls Before Swine:

Those of you who did see it may have thought that its worse crime was the egregious punnery that brought Rat to tears in panel three. However, today’s Baltimore Sun ran a letter to the editor with a different view:

Crude comic insults the devotion of nuns

In light of all the calamities confronting our country, it might seem rather mundane to write a letter to the editor concerning the comics. However, there are so many ways that artists and writers chip away at any of the core values left in America.

Two of the most decent comics that were in The Sun, Prince Valiant and Mark Trail, were eliminated and replaced with yet more inane and offensive comic strips.

Could it be that those comics were dropped because they dared to mention God at various intervals?

On Monday, Stephan Pastis hit a new low when his Pearls Before Swine strip mentioned a nun having enemas with the crudest of entertainers, Eminem. How disgusting.

I had three aunts in the convent who dedicated their lives to the poor. The nuns in our parochial schools gave my children an excellent education that has served them well.

This cartoon is a slap in the face to each of these self-sacrificing women.

Polly Thornton


Mind you, this was written before they start putting bestiality in the Jumble, so things are only going downhill faster and faster. If anyone can point me to a religious tenant that declares enemas to be sinful — or for that matter, a religiously themed Mark Trail — I’d be grateful. Last Christmas Mark gave Jesus short shrift so he could focus on Santa, so I’m not convinced of his piety.

Speaking of the decline and fall of our civilization, faithful reader Victoria Solomon recently sent me a link to a video she and her little friends made mocking another good-hearted and decent comic, the Family Circus. Enjoy, heathens!