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Funky Winkerbean, 6/25/06

I know that cancer is a tragic and serious illness, and affects the lives of its victims and their loved ones in many ways, large and small … but this, in a nutshell, is why Funky Winkerbean is the single most depressing comic in the newspaper today.

Mary Worth, 6/25/06

This, on the other hand, is pure God-damned comedy gold. Passing over the mention of the always snicker-worthy “Bum Boat,” I have to say up front and right now that if Jeff gives Mary her walking papers this week, it will make up for the last two lame-o storylines, and then some. Bonus points if she spirals downward into a pit of alcoholic despair.

Extra hilarious aspects of today’s strip:

  • Mary prattles on about how she has to dress up because Jeff really wants to go to this nice restaurant, but he’s apparently going to show up in a minty green sports jacket. Maybe he figures that now that he’s won the Masters, he’ll be so busy fighting off golf groupies that he won’t have time for Mary’s meddling.
  • Mary’s Chaterstone condo is all at a crazy angle in the first panel, like she’s some sinister supervillain in the ’60s Batman TV show. Which, by right, she ought to be.
  • Jeff has a framed picture of Mary that he talks to, or at least that he thought-balloons too. I’ll bet that picture’s heard a lot of sullen, drunken abuse over the years, followed by even more drunken pleading for forgiveness.

Family Circus, 6/25/06

OK, one Family Circus featuring horrifying sibling dynamics, a multi-armed Jeffy attempting to fly, and Bette Midler lyrics? Perhaps attributable to a lapse of judgement, or too much booze. But two? That’s a cry for help, is what that is.