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Mark Trail, 6/17/06

Mark’s editor Bill Ellis is too much of a prude to say it, but another common target for poachers is the tiger penis, which is a primary ingredient in many Chinese aphrodisiacs. If this storyline ends up featuring Mark punching out some sinister Chinese poachers in an attempt to protect the genitals of a poor, innocent Bengal tiger, it will go a long way towards making up for the incomprehensibly stupid and action-free eminent domain/road demolition/weeping orphan plot just concluded.

With the finely wrought mahogany detail work in the background and highball glasses in front of them, Mark and Bill appear to have retired to a fine gentleman’s club or upscale tavern to talk about bear gallbladders and those who would eat them. Perhaps this is why Bill has taken off his stolid grey suit in panel one and put on his slick electric blue jacket for panel three — you know, to attract the ladies. Presumably, Bill has cast aside former Mark Trail touchpiece Kelly Welly now that he’s tired of her physical charms.

Sally Forth, 6/17/06

Tragic proof: The “sly look” is a genetic condition.