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Apartment 3-G, 12/17/06

Actual exchange between Mrs. C. and myself on the topic of this comic only moments ago:

Mrs. C.: Is she supposed to be really attractive or something?

Me: I’m unconvinced.

Seriously, I really hope that the Magical Power Of Ghost Albert Pinkham Ryder is making Lu Ann supernaturally attractive, because otherwise I am calling shenaningans on her ability to instantly cast a spell on nerdy cultural service types everywhere. Last week it was the shouty librarian; this week it appears to be a young Trent Lott.

FYI, least effective pick-up line ever: “I’m a docent!”

Mary Worth, 12/17/06

The terrible trio lined up in panel one is frankly giving me the creeps. “Tom Dewey took on the mob! Now he must face this nefarious trifecta of supervillans. The Green Beast! Psychic Canary! And, their leader … the Scarlet Bouffant!

With all the pointing and lunging and shucking and jiving going on here, someone better at that sort of thing than me ought to try to set this dialogue to a toe-tapping tune. It could form the triumphant climax to Condo Association Rules: The Musical! Which reminds me that I have been totally neglectful in not linking to this totally awesome thing. I forgot now which one of you created this masterpiece; please, stand up and take a bow in the comments and I’ll give you the props you deserve.