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Family Circus, 4/3/07

Uh oh, Big Daddy Keane, you’ve made a crucial tactical error: The time to extract that sort of promise from Jeffy would have been before you handed the bludgeoning instrument to him, not after he’s gotten his grubby little paws on it and certainly not while he’s lunging at your face, all dead-eyed and zombie-like.

Apartment 3-G, 4/3/07

Today I want to remark not on Margo’s icy callousness, which isn’t really remarkable at all, but on her appalling fashion choices. Seriously, a black turtleneck under some kind of pink button-up … jumper … thing? GIRL, HAS LOVE REGULAR SEXUAL ACTIVITY DESTROYED YOUR BRAIN? She ought to know that she’s made a terrible mistake because she actually looks more Amish than Tommie, who is showing an alluring hint of collarbone today.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 4/3/07

Thank God this strip keeps June’s priorities in order. “Damn it, Heather, Milton may have gone down to his icy North Atlantic grave, but my awesome rack and ass are still very much alive! Also, Pete’s pants weren’t going to unzip themselves.”