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For Better or for Worse, 9/9/07

Awww — cute! And a refreshing change from what Wobbin usually carries in those pants!

Is it wrong to hope for poison ivy?

Rex Morgan, M.D., 9/9/07

Awww — sweet! Milton Avery has been in a life raft in the North Atlantic since friggin’ March (I kid you not — you could look it up!). And it looks like he scwatched his widdle captain-of-industry nose — no doubt while gorging himself on the flesh of his fellow survivors. Meanwhile, the crisis is averted and Heather’s litmus dress is back to alkali.

Apartment 3G, 09/09/07

Aww – crap. Today’s Apartment 3G just summarizes preparations for the coming train wreck foreshadowed in panel #5 – Eric (Tim? Anthony? Who the hell cares?) is in love — but not with Margo (gasp-p-p-p!!!)!!! Wine and steaks will please Margo . . . but only blood will sate her! Cue Tim, Nora, China, blah, blah, blah . . . hey, I wonder what’s going on in Judge Parker? Oh yeah. . . . nothing.

Hey, everybody — Josh is back! Look for Comments of the Week Sunday evening, and a return to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday.

Thank you all for a delightful week, especially Galactic Emperor Chennux for giving me a break on Thursday sparing my sorry hide. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the Garage Sale — and see you in the comments!

— Uncle Lumpy