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Momma, 10/19/07

His face is as always crudely drawn, but whatever Francis spent the evening talking to his mother about, it certainly put the fear of God into him, or at least the fear of Momma. I tried to imagine what Momma could have said to him that would have inspired the expression of exhausted terror he’s showing in panel one, but then I thought better of it. I imagine it was like whatever Hannibal Lector says to the crazy guy in the cell next door to him in Silence of the Lambs that convinces him to commit suicide.

Family Circus, 10/19/07

Oh, Dolly, you’re still so young and innocent! Soon you’ll revel in your ability to kill with your mind.

Gil Thorp, 10/19/07

Word of advice, kid: If a dude’s done time, you do not want to “invite him to the Bucket.”