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Rex Morgan, M.D., 3/22/08

With Niki adequately rewarded and Rex’s gun returned to its holster, an exciting new adventure in Rex Morgan, M.D., is brewing, and if today’s panel one is any indication, it should be lovely. Check out our good doctor’s look of raw panic as he gets the news; it’s less “An outbreak of antibiotic-resistant staph in our town? As a medical professional I need to do all I can to fight this scourge” and more “AAHHH! THE PLAGUE! EVERYONE RUN FOR THE HILLS! Ha, I’ve got the car keys — June, Sarah, you’re on your own, see ya!” Rex’s stammered hedging in the final panel definitely seems to indicate that he plans to spend the next few months in his sealed, bacteria-proof underground shelter and not mucking around with some do-gooder task force.

Funky Winkerbean, 3/22/08

Ah, now we find out why Les is going to ruin his oldest friendship by taking a second job he doesn’t need: he wants to make sure he can obsessively control every aspect of his daughter’s life. Thank goodness they live in a town as pathetic Westview; Les can be sure that if Summer’s on a date and isn’t eating crappy pizza under the flickering glow of Montoni’s fluorescent lights, she’s definitely having an unprotected “solo car date” in an empty parking lot somewhere.

Pluggers, 3/22/08

Pluggers are so stupid and thoughtless that they find even basic gestures of courtesy to be total mysteries if they aren’t explicitly spelled out for them.