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Mark Trail, 6/9/08

Is it just me or is Cherry actually looking a little excited about Kelly Welly coming to Lost Forest and asking her do things that might be outside of her comfort zone? With Mark once again dropping by for thirty seconds, talking to her like she’s eleven years old (just because you’re an emotionally arrested man-child doesn’t mean everybody is, Mark), and then fleeing into the woods, poor Cherry needs to have her fun somehow. Admittedly, girl-on-girl action in Mark Trail would be among the least hot girl-on-girl action in any daily comic strip (not as sexy as it would be in Herb and Jamaal, but probably sexier than it would be in Cathy), but anything’s gotta be more interesting than Mark handing out free puppies to sad little girls.

For Better Or For Worse, 6/9/08

Oh, it’s ever so appropriate that Liz will be finally shoved headlong into the spiritual and emotional death that her marriage to Anthony represents by the looming specter of her grandfather’s actual death. That’s the great circle of death, is what that is.

Judge Parker, 6/9/08

“Bales and bales of awesome weed … all gone! That’s the sad part. Oh, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…”