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Rex Morgan, M.D., 9/5/08

Oh, Rex Morgan, M.D.! You send us into the weekend with a double dose of delight! Should we snicker at the image of Rex headed down to the docks this evening, offering up his middle-class body to the rough affections of those salty sailors, just off the boat and ready for action? Or should we giggle at the thought of Lenore tying Rex to the bedposts in the “captain’s cabin,” demonstrating just the sort of submissive attitude she demands of her cabin boys? Darn it, this is America, where you can have it all, so I choose both.

Ziggy, 9/5/08

Ha ha, remember a few months ago, when Ziggy picked up a seashell and got a virus alert? Or three weeks ago, when he picked up a seashell and discovered that it was a podcast? Well, uh, it turns out that today it’s a push poll. What will it be tomorrow? Tune in to Ziggy to find out!

Herb and Jamaal, 9/5/08

Every once in a while, I think, “Do I make fun of Herb and Jamaal a little too much for being nonspecific.” Then I see stuff like this and think “No, no I don’t.” Now see here, Herb and Jamaal: I know that thirty years from now, we might use something entirely different to remove hair from whatever surface future fashion dictates be depilated, so you might try to just deploy some generic and nonexistent word that means “object that shaves” to avoid any future anachronism, but: they’re called “razors.” Razors, damn you. Razors.

Oh, it’s also called “cripplingly strict adherence to prescribed gender constructs even when they interfere with your everyday life.”

Gil Thorp, 9/5/08

So it turns out that the aforementioned athletics-kiboshing ailment is [music sting] a HEART CONDITION! I wonder how Matt’s heart will hold up when he finds out his girlfriend is a seven-foot tall drag queen named “Candy LaChance.”