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Spider-Man, 10/14/08

I’m one of those people who don’t have cable. I don’t think this makes me morally superior or anything; I’m just cheap, and have an irregular schedule, and a NetFlix subscription. But if it were possible to buy cable channels individually instead of as one big SuperMegaSaverPackage Of Stuff You’ll Never Watch, Turner Classic Movies would definitely be on my list. I love old movies, and I love knowing that there’s a whole channel out there dedicated to showing them. That’s why it makes me a little sad to see that the TCM folks have had to resort to paying third-rate superhero comic strips for product placement, though not half as a sad as their marketing people probably were when they got the strip they’d paid for and saw Maria doing … whatever the hell she’s doing in the first panel.

Herb and Jamaal, 10/14/08

Dear Herb and Jamaal,

To the extent that I can be said to enjoy your strip, I enjoy it for the gentle, good-natured everyday humor that arises from the situations in which your generally cheerful characters find themselves. Please do not have said characters develop a panic about their mortality so overwhelming that even the thought of sleep terrifies them.

Thanks in advance,
The Comics Curmudgeon

P.S. If the aforementioned characters deal with this psychological affliction with a downward spiral of drugs and/or alcohol, I may let it slide.

Marmaduke, 10/14/08

Ha ha, Marmaduke’s owners have lived with him for so long that they no longer have any idea what “innocent” looks like. For the record, that’s less “innocent” and more “feeding frenzy.”