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Mark Trail, 3/27/09

Our two cons are clearly taking the wrong tack here, as it’s fairly obvious that Rusty has no idea what money is. In that third panel, it looks as if his initial desire upon seeing a big wad of cash is to eat it.

Marvin, 3/27/09

“Plus, we agreed that we could never risk creating another horror equal to Marvin. That’s why we had you castrated.”

Ziggy, 3/27/09

At last, someone has grown so disgusted with Ziggy’s pantsless, self-loathing antics that they’ve decided to poison him.

Apartment 3-G, 3/27/09

“Well, if he doesn’t want his colon to ‘jam’ up, he should try some Health Flakes™! They’re nutritious and palatable!”