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Funky Winkerbean, 3/29/09

Oh, Funky Winkerbean, with your hilarious bait-and-switchery! Sure, after the week he’s had, it’s natural to assume that the strip’s title character would decide to end it all, and his monomaniacal focus on his business, which has destroyed his family relationships and friendships, makes it unsurprising that he would choose to write his suicide note on company stationery. But it turns out that this is just a bit of macabre whimsy as the restaurant disposes of a technologic relic that nobody will miss. Just like nobody would miss Funky.

Mary Worth, 3/29/09

There comes a moment in every Mary Worth plotline when The Meddling begins. Sometimes, it seems that Mary must observe a meddle-worthy situation for weeks before finally entering the fray in dramatic fashion; and sometimes, she almost seems to stumble on to the secret heart of a scenario, as she does today in her search for the ladies’ room. Mary’s accidental discovery today proves that her unconscious “meddle-sense” is enough to put Spider-Man’s supposed superpowers to shame (not that that’s a particularly difficult task).