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I know, I try to keep my metapost material confined to the COTW post, but there are a couple of items that CAN’T WAIT! Well, one of them literally can’t wait, and the other one is just funny.

First, the one that literally can’t wait. Remember that Shortpacked Funky Winkerbean spoof I linked to a few days back? Well, now you can own the original art! Bid for it on eBay! Bidding ends tomorrow!

Not that I want to know what you’ll be doing with a drawing of Les and Cayla gettin’ it on while Ghost Lisa watches. It’s your life, pervert.

Also! Faithful reader Marisa wrote me with something intriguing:

I work in the back room of a major corporate bookstore, and you can imagine my surprise when I found Spider-Man Versus Electro… the children’s book staring up at me from the bottom of a box. I thumbed through it and even more surprisingly, Electro is actually defeated by Spider-Man instead of just being guilt tripped into submission. In fact, Tommy doesn’t even seem to exist in this universe. Spider-Man employs the use of rubber boots and a water main to take him down. The first couple pages are devoted to Peter Parker fantasizing about using his powers on one of his peers, by whom he is relentlessly bullied. It is never brought up again. He finds out about Electro while watching the ginormous TV in Times Square, I don’t know if that’s better or worse than yelling at the TV alone in his aunt’s basement.