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Beetle Bailey, 9/3/09

Fun fact! Today is my lovely wife’s birthday; thanks to the “born on this day” feature that runs right next to the Baltimore Sun’s comics section, we now know that it’s also Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker’s birthday as well! (Who says the newspaper isn’t any good for anything anymore?) I wish that today’s Beetle Bailey were more auspicious to celebrate this fact; instead, it just demonstrates that the soldiers at Camp Swampy are so incompetent that their only value to the military is as experimental test subjects.

Gil Thorp, 9/3/09

In just three panels, Duncan Daley has established himself as the single coolest guy in Milford, with:

  • His Sonic Youth t-shirt
  • His single hoop earring
  • His carefully calibrated ambivalence about everything (“It was cool, I guess”, “I guess I pumped a little iron,” “I guess I’ll continue gracing you with my low-key awesomeness”)
  • His not being named “Robb” or “Brock”

Of course, Duncan isn’t that cool on any kind of absolute scale, but the bar is set exceptionally low. I mean, he’s competing against Brock (or Robb, I guess), who, in the third panel, seems insanely eager to track down some cold beers and punch them in the face.

Garfield, 9/3/09

Ha ha! Garfield has left the bloody, half-eaten corpse of a household pet in the refrigerator!

Spider-Man, 9/3/09

Ha ha! Doc Ock is going to “get” Spidey from behind with his “tentacle”!