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Apartment 3-G, 6/12/10

OMG GASP WHO’S THAT AT THE DOOR! IT’S … IT’S … damn it, I’m not actually sure who that it is. This is a major problem in a strip where everyone but the three main characters looks more or less alike! I suppose it’s supposed to be late 2006-early 2007 beloved ancillary character Gina, who had similar short hair flips; Gina left to find fame and fortune in Hollywood, which may explain why she’s looking somewhat older and wiser, as presumably that terrible town chewed her up and spat her back to New York in short order (“short order” in soap opera strips being three years or so). Anyway, most of her time in the strip was spent in two main pursuits: insulting Tommie, which means that Tommie’s pleased-to-see-you smile is just another sign of her deeply ingrained self-loathing, and bedding the Professor. This explains why Ari was so excited by the new arrival on Monday, I guess. Ha ha, isn’t it convenient when, right after one of your lovers has been bundled off to a crooked mental hospital, another one shows up, her dreams broken and her heart vulnerable? Yup, being the Professor is pretty sweet.

Wizard of Id, 6/12/10

Wow, the Wiz is a kind of funny-looking bearded old man, so I guess Id’s aesthetic standards for rentboys are quite different from those that hold in early 21st century America. Of course, you know, magic powers and all that; he could be supernaturally sexy.

Pluggers, 6/12/10

You’re a plugger if you once, entirely by accident, got a gift to which your wife reacted positively, and you just keep buying the same thing for her, over and over again, because that’s so much easier than trying to figure what sort of things she likes and dislikes, or even just asking her what she wants, and anyway you can get birdhouses for cheap, sure enough.

You’re married to a plugger if your fantasies veer wildly between divorce and murder.