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Blondie, 8/14/10

As is often the case, I find some of the incidental details in this Blondie to be much more amusing than the supposed punchline. For instance, although this establishment has the extremely generic name “Ice Cream Parlor,” we can see that the management has not only made the clever decision of outfitting a child in a banana suit to harass passersby, but has given this mascot a name, “Banana Bob,” establishing a brand identity that can be leveraged across media platforms. (Could they be behind the locked Bananabob Twitter?) Even better, the store’s flagship product is something called a “Sundae Maniac,” which really strikes me more as a description of someone who likes to eat sundaes (or possibly garnish sundaes with the blood of their victims), rather than a good name for a sundae proper; still, I always root for any commercially sold product with the word “maniac” in the name.

Apartment 3-G, 8/14/10

People have been doubting Margo because she refuses to engage her enemies Kat and Kitty directly, but like any crafty warrior, she knows how to win a fight against a more powerful opponent. Here we can see that she’s engaging in guerilla warfare, draining her enemies’ coffers until they can no longer afford to imprison her in a fancy midtown hotel. Do not underestimate the Margo! In panel two her eyes are crossing in delight as she contemplates her cleverness.