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Mary Worth, 8/31/10

Wow, just when you think it would be physically impossible for the current Mary Worth storyline to be packed with more twists and turns — BAM! Dr. Mike’s father expires mere hours after their reconciliation! My guess is that Lonnie, feeling his liver dying inside him, orchestrated the whole sequence so that his beloved but obviously impoverished longtime companion Fred wouldn’t be stuck with the funeral costs. Now Dr. Mike’s fancy head-shrinker salary will pay for Lonnie’s spiffy coffin, and pay to clean the gin sweats out of his sheets besides.

The really sad part is that the last thing Lonnie ever saw was that hideous drop ceiling. Seriously, who puts one of those in the guest bedroom?

Family Circus, 8/31/10

It seemed strange to me that Jeffy would prefer the taste of saltwater to fresh water from a hose, but then I realized that the contents of that pool are probably about 30 percent urine by volume.