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Dick Tracy, 10/12/10

Having discovered his target and infiltrated a sinister band of homeless people, Dick has decided that it’s about time to launch into the part of the storyline where the awful violence happens. You would think that, when a lone cop strides into an encampment of wrathful bums, the awful violence would be perpetrated against the isolated lawman. You would be wrong. As you can see, the misguided soul who’s attacking Dick in panel three is already screaming in agony only seconds after the battle begins. Is Dick’s unseen hand punching his filthy attacker in the gut, or worse? Is Dick’s razor-sharp chin, concealed under that fake beard, slicing the hobo’s arm open? Or does our hero’s aura of American decency and law and order cause real physical pain to undesirables?

Wizard of Id, 10/12/10

Ha ha! It’s funny because prisoners only have disgusting, rotten food to eat!