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Crock, 10/11/10

It shames me to admit this, but I recognized the hideous mutant bird-thing in Crock today more or less right away. It made a previous appearance taunting Figowitz about a year ago, only back then it was blue and I assumed it was meant to represent the bluebird of happiness. Is it meaningful that the bluebird of happiness in this blighted, soul-crushing strip is now a drab brown color? Probably!

Mark Trail, 10/11/10

Good news for Mark! He definitely won’t have any trouble selling that story he’s working on when it stops being about political insiders shooting semi-tame animals in a caged hunt and starts being about political insiders shooting a little girl. Admittedly, he’ll have to find another future mate for Rusty, but there seems to be a pretty much endless supply of mutant child-things in the Mark Trail universe, so presumably that won’t be a problem.