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Family Circus, 1/17/10

The leadership of the Keane Kompound can only be transferred when son defeats father in mortal combat, which explains why Billy is so wild-eyed with joy at the prospect of growing another few inches. “Watch out, Daddy! I’m gainin’ on you! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.”

Mary Worth, 1/17/10

“Sure, Scott, it’s great that we turned down Jill’s generous gift and are sticking with our original plans to honeymoon at some crappy local chain motel! And I love the fact that you find the occasion so low-key that you’re just wearing an old undershirt! When I burst into tears as we have our honeymoon dinner at Arby’s, it will be because I just love you so much!

Blondie, 1/17/10

Dagwood cares more about fatty food and the people who serve it to him than he does about his own children, to the surprise of no one.