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Beetle Bailey, 6/25/11

The unfunny absurdity of Sarge and Cookie angrily pelting each other with meatballs doesn’t even deserve comment; I am, however, mildly charmed by Beetle and Killer’s decision to really get into their roles as seconds in this duel and dress up in dueling-era Ye Olde Garbe. Also, have we ever really seen any kind of relationship between Killer and Cookie? This seemingly random selection of a second says a lot about the cook’s sad, friendless life.

Herb and Jamaal, 6/25/11

Pride’s still a sin, right? GOD CAN SEE YOUR THOUGHT BALLOONS, REV.

Apartment 3-G, 6/25/11

Oh, look, Margo waited a whole five minutes before mercilessly mocking Lu Ann’s beliefs! I’m pretty sure this is her version of being a good friend on Lu Ann’s birthday.