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Beetle Bailey, 6/23/11

If you’d asked me before today, I would have sworn that nothing could be more disturbing than seeing the Halftracks attempting to spice up their erogenous life with costumed role-play. But in fact, it’s the Army shrink’s suggestion that the General cast his mind back to the very sexiest fantasies he had as a little boy that has me so very thoroughly skeeved out.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 6/23/11

Good thing the meddlin’ revenooers never come to Hootin’ Holler anymore, as they might inform their colleagues at the EPA about Loweezy’s plan to clear out sensitive wildlife habitat! But even though I’m a coastal elitist, I have to admit that, upon realizing that the local amphibians had begun to master human speech, my first instinct would be to wage a war of extermination against them.