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Panel from Dick Tracy, 8/14/11

I find it intriguing that this home invasion tip actually comes from an officer of the railroad police. How many bits of advice do you think the Dick Tracy staff had to reject before they got to one that was actually useful for the general public? “That’s interesting, Sgt. Doherty, but I don’t know how many of our readers are interested in the best time of night to catch hobos napping in freight cars.”

Panels from Hagar the Horrible, 8/14/11

By “this economy,” Helga of course means the pre-monetary economy of early medieval Scandinavia, where almost all coins are either plundered from Western Europe or received in exchange for slaves sold to the Islamic world, and then are immediately buried in coin hoards.

Marvin, 8/14/11

“It’s almost as if she resents the fact that she’s doing all this while I sit here watching TV! Well, whatever, time to go whine for sex.”