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Herb and Jamaal, 9/29/11

While politicians and economists bicker about the best way to restart the world’s faltering economy, Herb and Jamaal dares to think outside the box, suggesting that a pornography-based monetary system might lead to more responsible spending habits.

Mary Worth, 9/29/11

Oh no! Gina’s attempts to reach Bobby are stymied by the team’s manager, who, among his many other duties, apparently gets to field random phone calls from members of the public. You might think he’s harsh in his refusal to pass along to his players the phone numbers of ladies who are holding onto an eternal love and/or who are interested in having sex with them, but you can’t argue with his results. Not every manager in this high-powered professional soccer league has earned the coveted 1st Place certificate for the team office!

Apartment 3-G, 9/29/11

“Um, Lu Ann, have you forgotten that I’m a piano mover and you’re an art teacher? The only ‘flat’ we could afford in New York would be the flat space between two flights of stairs. What do they call that? Oh, yeah, a landing. We could afford to live on a landing. And not south of the park, either.”