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Spider-Man, 10/2/11

I’m pretty sure a thought balloon containing the phrase “I hadn’t thought this through!” ought in the interest of accuracy to be hovering over Spider-Man’s head in each and every installment of the newspaper Spider-Man strip in which he appears. Hope you’re proud of the generation of wheelchair-bound cop-hating scofflaws you’re about to unleash on the world, Spidey!

Pluggers, 10/2/11

God damn it, this mildly racy pun has forced me to hold the concepts of “breasts” and “pluggers” in my mind simultaneously, if only briefly. This has I suppose increased my awareness of cancer, as the resulting emotion is a metaphorical cancer upon my very soul.

Panel from Mary Worth, 10/2/11

Huh, so straight female pro soccer fans are more sexually aggressive than the gay male ones? Mary Worth: always teaching me fun facts!