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Panel from Mary Worth, 6/24/12

“We’ll visit several wonderful places before going to Milan. Milan isn’t wonderful at all, of course. It’s basically a big pile of garbage. ‘Garbage town’ is what I like to call it. That’s where we’ll be staying most of our time in Italy. I can’t wait!”

Judge Parker, 6/24/12

The best part of this strip is the hilarious final panel, of course, but I do think it’s made even more hilarious by Sam chatting smugly on the phone just a few feet away. “What’s that, Honey? You hear a series of wacky Three Stooges-style noises getting progressively fainter? Huh, we must have a bad connection or something.”

Panel from Hi and Lois, 6/24/12

“Want to sit down and reminisce with me? Want to feel the crushing weight of nostalgia pressing you down into the couch, the ennui of times past making you so enervated that you can barely hold your eyes open, barely move forward into the future because you’re being dragged under the waves of time by the enormous anchor of the dead past?”