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Archie, 10/29/12

Ha ha, yes, “romantic” is a word teenagers would like to hear when discussing their supposedly happily married parents meeting up with their exes. Good conversational gambit there, Betty! You can hardly blame her, though: she’s probably already resigned to Archie choosing Veronica over her, and is now setting herself up for the long game, plotting to swoop down and win him back sometime in middle age. “So, the Andrews men aren’t sexually attracted to women who’ve had a lot of kids, eh? Time to start selling Ronnie on the joys of a big family!”

Apartment 3-G, 10/29/12

Wait, did I miss important Apartment 3-G developments, like Greg proclaiming his eternal love for Lu Ann where Margo could hear? Whatever, I’m just glad to see Margo still has her priorities in the right place. “Lu Ann can have Greg Cooper. He’s less than nothing to me, if by ‘less than nothing’ you mean ‘a lucrative client of my fledgling publicity agency.'” I’m really looking forward to putting together a “Margo is the world’s worst publicist” montage in a year or so when she abruptly decides to start half-assing another line of work.