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Funky Winkerbean, 12/10/13

FUNKYQUEST, EVERYBODY! Cory Winkerbean has been assigned to dangerous mine-clearing duties in Afghanistan, so to give him strength his mother is attempting to fill in some gaps in his comic book collection. You’d think this would be fun and exciting to Comic Book John (a) because he enjoys the hunt through the world of comics for its own sake and/or (b) because he’ll be able to charge a finder’s fee of 20 to 100 percent on whatever issues he discovers through his network of contacts. And yet he looks pretty depressed in that final panel! Probably because he knows this is the Funkyverse, and and any “journey of Biblical proportions” will end in one of several Biblical ways, e.g., crucifixion, eyes gouged out, killed by she-bears, murdered in a temple with your co-religionists that’s then torn down and turned into a public toilet, etc.

Crock, 12/10/13

Say, did you read the obituary last week for the French general who blew the lid off of torture and other atrocities the French committed in Algeria? In unrelated news, here’s a zany cartoon!