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Herb and Jamaal, 6/14/14

I’m honestly curious about what the backstory is on today’s Herb and Jamaal, in which Herb has charged into Rev. Croom’s office to angrily challenge his entire belief system. Is this happening after yet another Sunday service that Herb’s family dragged him to, and something in the sermon finally pushed him over the edge until he couldn’t stay quiet anymore? Or was he just sitting at work, stewing over Croom’s unshakeable faith in the unprovable, until eventually he just barged into the Reverend’s office hours (do clergy have office hours? seems like a thing they’d have) demanding that he make room in his mental universe for doubt? At any rate, the final panel proves that Herb is helpless before the power of wordplay.

Apartment 3-G, 6/14/14

Jack’s been going on forever about dealing with some ghosts, and I guess I always assumed he was being metaphorical, but now I’m not so sure? If he comes riding back with the ghost of his dead wife captured in some kind of Ghostbusters-style spectral containment unit, I’ll be willing to forgive a lot about this storyline.

Funky Winkerbean, 6/14/14

Oh, sorry, the God of the Funkyverse isn’t actually trying to stop Wally and Rachel’s wedding, just drive it into Montoni’s, where by immutable law all economic and social activity in Westview must take place. They don’t call Montoni’s “The Wedding Chapel of Love” for nothing! Actually, nobody calls it that, but Funky refuses to stop trying to make it a thing.