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The Phantom, 12/5/15

Aw, a flashback to young Phantom romance! You know, I always thought for some reason that Diana was supposed to be American, but apparently she grew up in Bangalla? In some suburban colonial enclave? Where our hero, who we’ve seen in previous flashbacks as wearing the finest in junglewear loincloths, just sort of wanders around half-naked? “Good-bye little boy! I wonder where he came from, and why the guards didn’t keep him out?”

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 12/5/15

Loweezy’s analysis of her predicament shows that she’s quite familiar with the germ theory of disease. Thus, I can only interpret her decision to shove her snot-ridden handkerchief directly under Elviney’s nose as one of pure spite. If she’s sick, then everyone’s going to be sick, by God.