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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 1/30/16

Maybe if Hootin’ Holler’s lone clergyman weren’t a theological fraud, the town’s inhabitants would be a little more familiar with Genesis 9:11, where God promises that, among all the methods He has at His disposal for wiping out all life on Earth, mass flooding was the one He was specifically renouncing. Anyway, don’t worry, Snuffy, Parson Tuttle is probably just putting some personal touches on the nice yacht he was able to buy with all your community’s contributions.

Beetle Bailey, 1/30/15

I truly enjoy Sarge’s look of gentle bafflement and bemusement in panel two. “Wait, so this is a joke about how young people only know about cell phones? But we’re still wearing these uniforms? What the fuck year is it even supposed to be?”