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Crock, 2/19/16

“Hello, children! I’m the ghost of Charles Darwin! I’m here to explain one of the foundations of evolutionary theory, which is that animals better able to survive in their environment would experience greater reproductive success! In a relatively behaviorally advanced species such as camels, females ought to instinctively recognize the advantageous nature of a male’s large hump for water storage, and … wait, take your hands off me! What do you mean, this is a dumb joke about a how a camel can’t get laid? I … I’m a very important ghost, and I insist … I insist that you … my word!”

Crankshaft, 2/19/16

In this era of commonplace Throwback Thursdays, is there a person alive who would somehow be so panicked about people being privy to his cute baby photo that he would aggressively back his relatively new girlfriend up against the wall, demanding that she keep his secrets? The only way Max’s behavior makes any sense is if the picture in question depicted baby Max murdering someone, or if it was originally a dick pic and Crankshaft’s editors made them change it to something more innocuous at the last minute.

Beetle Bailey, 2/19/16

Sarge’s rapid cycling from crestfallen in panel one to manic joy in panel two is a heartbreaking depiction of disordered eating. Get help, Sarge!