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Mary Worth, 4/3/16

You know, I really quite enjoy Dawn Weston’s role as Mary Worth’s perennial sad sack. Every attempt to get her to improve her life either doesn’t stick or goes horribly awry. For instance, we’re only a few days into her attempt to shake off her funk by making a bolder personal effort, and already she’s on the verge of falling under the svengali-like sway of an art history teacher/yoga guru/“renaissance man.” I fully expect her to show up for an “intro yoga class” where it turns out the only other person there is this Thomas Dewey-lookin’ chump and he’s fully nude.

Hagar the Horrible, 4/3/16

This is definitely the most maritally bleak Hagar the Horrible ever produced, and considering this is a strip where the title character tries to cheat on his wife every few years, that’s really saying something.