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Mary Worth, 6/5/16

This is the first depiction of Wilbur in the new Sunday artistic regime, and I frankly think it’s their first misstep. Where are Wilbur’s four lovingly combed over strands of hair, or the thick thatch of fur on the back of his hands? Mary Worth trufans know that the classic “Wilbur look” is as much about the hair he has as it is about the hair he lacks.

Panel from Slylock Fox, 6/5/16

ANSWER: Slylock knows all human laws were voided during the animalpocalypse, as well as most legal protections for H. sapiens. That’s why most of the animals who lived through that time weren’t charged with dozens of counts of murder! Anyway, it doesn’t matter what bipeds might’ve owned this land two hundred years ago: it’s now the property of, oh, let’s say the chipmunks.

Blondie, 6/5/16

Look, Dagwood, someone’s got to tell you just how sad and pathetic your idea of shaking things up is.