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Curtis, 9/3/16

If, like me, you have read Curtis for years and thought, every time Curtis and Barry fight over space in their shared bed, “Why don’t they get bunk beds?”, then good news: this week, they finally got bunk beds! This set off a predictable dispute over who should get to sleep in which bunk, which concludes today with Curtis’s chilling vision of his brother grimly planning to wet the bed and soak Curtis with urine. Normally the fact that the daily colorists seem to do their work without even bothering to figure out what exactly is going on in the strip bums me out, but I’m glad that today they failed to render the spreading piss-pool in panel three in lifelike yellow, and I don’t care if this is due to neglect or disgust.

Dennis the Menace, 9/3/16

Who is this red-headed child? Why has Dennis lured him over for conversation? Is it to fill his head with the most tired and banal gender-relations stereotypes? If so, that’s solid menacing. If this kid is the child of the couple getting married, that takes it to the next level.