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Mary Worth, 7/15/17

Good news, everyone! Katie and Derek’s marital difficulties are solved, as long as Derek maintains a steadfast refusal to look at anyone other than his wife. Because if sees someone else and they happen to be smoking, Derek will want to fuck them. Not because he’s horny or a cheater, you understand, but just because that’s the quickest route to access to some sweet, sweet cigarettes. That blond fellow in panel one, enjoying a quick vacation in flavor country? Derek would’ve fucked that guy and fucked him good if he hadn’t been staring straight ahead. And then afterwards, when dude was still basking in the afterglow, Derek would’ve grabbed his cigs and been gone.

Hi and Lois, 7/15/17

Aw, is Hi sad because his family doesn’t want to hang out with him? Well, Lois is sad because she’s chained forever to someone with a crushing narrowness of imagination.