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Marvin, 11/11/17

Welp, just when I think Marvin can’t veer any further past “ha ha, it’s funny when babies make poopy” into straight-up scat fetishism, we get today’s strip. See, it’s funny because Marvin eats food, just straight up masticates and swallows it, and then his digestive system does its thing, leaching out all the nutrients and leaving behind a disgusting slurry of solid waste, which he extrudes out his anus — and, because he isn’t potty trained, all this feces just goes into his diaper, where he sits in it, until one of his parents decides to change him. It’s the circle of life! This is the punchline of a joke that runs in literal newspapers across the country.

Blondie, 11/11/17

On the other hand, today’s Blondie contains a minor miracle: a panel in which an old person’s mistaken idea of what a younger person might look like says “no prob” that somehow doesn’t lead to the protagonist seething with incandescent rage about the RUDENESS and CASUAL MANNER of the KIDS TODAY