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Mary Worth, 2/1/18

This Great Muffin Caper storyline is turning into quite the morality play, isn’t it? Everyone is urging Mary to cash in on her muffin business, and by describing what Mary would gain from such a move, revealing what they themselves most deeply desire. Ted, the salesman who never quite hit it big, imagines that she could “make a mint”; Jeff, as always starry-eyed over his beloved, wants the rest of the world to appreciate the joy she brings into the lives of everyone she touches. And Toby? Toby, who spent her boho youth as an artist in Greenwich Village and is spending her trophy-wife early middle age occasionally showcasing her kitschy figurines at unjuried art shows in downtown Santa Royale? Toby wants Mary to experience the fame that she fears will forever elude her, if only so she can experience it second-hand.

Gil Thorp, 2/1/18

Meanwhile, the Milford boy’s basketball team has toppled La Junta, the cadre of high-ranking military officers who had seized control of the U.S. government some months before. And yes, it’s laudable that they restored democracy, but shouldn’t they be focusing on winning the Valley Conference?