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Shoe, 6/3/18

This is, I think, is my favorite Shoe Patented Goggle Eyes Of Horror yet. I’m not sure if the Dates R Us lady is supposed to be an employee, in which case she’s worried about getting fired, or if she’s the owner of this small business, in which case she may be realizing that she’s completely unqualified for her chosen field of endeavor, but either way she just seems genuinely appalled that she’s botched things this badly, possibly because she’s ignorant of the meaning of extremely common English phrases.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 6/3/18

The restaurant industry? Notoriously forgiving to first-timers. The main qualifications you need? Thinking about running a restaurant a lot, and being good at cooking for you and your girlfriend. The main endorsement you want to get? A wealthy nanny who also owns an aerospace company. This scheme can’t fail!