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Shoe, 10/18/18

As a rule I hate Shoe strips set in fern bars where Shoe or the Perfersser hit on some sexy bird-woman and then wordplay happens, but I’m willing to make an exception in this case. First of all, notice that the Perfesser has his laptop open on the bar, showing that he’s spending his evening engaging in a little light embezzlement while throwing back a few cold ones. Then there’s the look of sudden urgency on his face, as if his opening line wasn’t meant as flirting it all, but something much darker. “Can you think of a way I can get the Treetops Tribune to reimburse me for $750 I lost at the dog track? Please, they’re gonna take my thumbs!”

Dick Tracy, 10/18/18

Oh man, it seems “Pauly” is some dude who looks significantly older than Dick Tracy, and yet is somehow seeking revenge for the death of his father, “Crutch,” who Dick Tracy probably killed. You can only see his face in the flashback-orb but I assume they called him “Crutch” because he was on crutches, and Dick gunned him down back in the early days of the strip when it was OK for a comics protagonist to be an open eugenicist. Anyway, since “this” turns out to be “failing to kill Dick Tracy, keeping his granddaughter and her friend safe, and getting killed yourself,” it’s not exactly the greatest act of revenge ever and you might not want to proudly proclaim it as such as you expire in your family enemy’s arms.