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Mark Trail, 2/11/19

You know, I’ve always assumed that the reason Woods and Wildlife Magazine stays in business and even maintains its posh Manhattan editorial offices in today’s brutal media environment is that Mark continues to deliver absolutely gripping tales of adventure that readers simply can’t get in any other outlet. But today we learn that Mark just concluded a harrowing week where his own son was almost kidnapped by a ruthless Mexican criminal gang and he plans on coming back home and filing a story about … lidar, which is like radar but with lasers! This is just like the time he spent months trapped in a cave after that same criminal gang tried to kill him and then dutifully wrote about how all the bats are dying or whatever, which at least has dead bats as a hook. Come on, Mark, you gotta give the people some razzle dazzle if you want to go viral!

Gil Thorp, 2/11/19

Good news! After finally confessing to Gil that he was only relentlessly quoting That ’70s Show at everyone because he had a serious mental illness, Mike Filion finally made a vague promise to go see a therapist or something … and is now unstoppable on the basketball court! Look out, Valley Conference: the Mudlarks have discovered the secret to high school athletic success, and it is emotional self-actualization. Tilden’s gonna have to pull in a whole team of Freudian analysts if they want to have any hope of getting through the playdowns!

Slylock Fox, 2/11/19

It probably doesn’t speak well of the post-animapocalypse legal system that Slylock, the chief investigator in this case, also appears to be the prosecuting attorney — or that he’s just turned the trial into a showcase for his fun riddles and trivia facts. Of course, since none of the criminals Slylock catches ever seem to serve much jail time, you can understand that the stakes are pretty low, which is made pretty clear by the fact that Shady is enjoying this whole scene as much as anyone. “Oh, the sun is a star!” he thinks to himself. “That is clever!”