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Mark Trail, 1/13/19

It’s always been pretty obvious that loresman and aspirational mansplainer JJ Looper was destined to be the villain in this storyline, what with his bad attitude and overall squintyness. Today he has committed the ultimate sin within the Trailiverse by referring to adorable baby animals as “dumb,” when everyone knows it’s the people in Mark Trail who are dumb. Anyway, he’s about to get his comeuppance remarkably swiftly, and presumably after he’s mauled to death by that ocelot Mark and company will just go take what they need from his store and enjoy some low-key, risk-free gold mining fun.

Gil Thorp, 1/13/19

OK, not to go back on my praise earlier this week for Gil Thorp’ scattershot, tell-don’t-show visual/narrative style, but … you can’t have everyone praise Jocelynn’s hat without showing us the whole hat, guys, c’mon. We gotta see the whole hat! We’re only seeing the bottom of hat. How far up does that hat go?