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Blondie, 3/3/20

So … if I’m understanding all the motion lines and stuff correctly, Herb is driving his car at full speed in reverse up the street, and everyone in the carpool is watching Dagwood run as fast as he can towards them, seemingly unable to stop despite the look of justified dread on his face? “It’s like our own Dag reality show!” says Herb, right before the rear bumper slams into Dagwood and shatters his pelvis.

Funky Winkerbean, 3/3/20

Shoutout to Funky Winkerbean for including a panel of an utterly dead-eyed janitor pushing his broom up the hallway as Harry natters on about squirrels. Apparently the “joke” of the strip, which is about how much of a squirrel’s frenetic survival-related activity ultimately goes for naught, wasn’t grim enough, so we needed to be reminded that someone in close proximity to our characters was well and truly miserable.

Mary Worth, 3/3/20

Jared Jared no you are being way too enthusiastic about this