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Funky Winkerbean, 5/2/20

Ha ha ha, a sequel? Do these crass Hollywood schlockmeisters want Les to taint the precious, pure story of his dead wife Lisa with a [shudder of disgust] sequel? What would such a sequel even be about? Maybe finding a new love and a new life with his second wife? Absurd. Lisa is the only one worthy of installments in this series, and once Lisa’s dead, there’s nobody else a movie in the world Les is conjuring could be about. So, in other words: does Les have any other ideas for these guys? Anything else new or interesting to say, other than what he’s been saying for the past twenty years? The answer is a very, very hard no.

Mary Worth, 5/2/20

The thing to remember about Jared’s first storyline with Dawn from a couple years ago was that he’s a clumsy, self-loathing dork who absolutely seethes with resentment whenever anyone socially skilled or attractive talks to Dawn, so he’s gonna fuckin’ hate it when Dawn announces that they’re going to take a trip to France together in the summer to hang out with Hugo and his new girlfriend, and that’s even before Hugo inevitably suggests a partner swap.