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Gil Thorp, 5/12/21

Today’s a great day in Gil Thorp for groups of three Mudlarks experiencing approximately the same emotion! Panel two is easy to parse: Three boys thrilled to have won a game in a comeback. Panel three seems to affirm the idea that teen girls have more complex emotional lives than their male counterparts. Who wants to go to Ricozzi’s with Zane and Katy? The prospect fills numbers 10, 15, and 33 with a feeling of subtle dread that they can’t quite articulate.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 5/12/21

As a guy who struggles a lot with writer’s block, I have to wonder: Would staring at a giant question mark taking up most of my monitor be more or less motivating than just staring at a blank document? I’m honestly willing to try anything at this point.

Marvin, 5/12/21

“Ha ha, get it? Because the word ‘test’ has a number of slightly different meanings? Anyway, I’m probably dying.”