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Six Chix, 9/26/21

Wait, isn’t the Phantom of the Opera’s whole deal that he lives in the opera house full time, mostly in a lair in the basement, and he never leaves? I’ve never read or seen any version of this story, but I’m very sure about this and the “boating on the Seine” thing bothers me so much! It’s always fun for me to discover a new thing that I’m violently pedantic about despite having no emotional stakes in it whatsoever, I tell you what.

Beetle Bailey, 9/26/21

I like the fact that Rocky is just sitting there at his otherwise empty desk with a pencil in his hand. I realize this is because everything in Beetle Bailey by law has to be as on-the-nose as possible, and he’s an editor and that’s a thing that involves writing, but I’d like to imagine that Rocky actually writes the entire Camp Swampy Bugle out every day by hand with a pencil, and there’s only ever one copy, and it’s always delivered to General Halftrack, and Rocky deliberately misspells his name to antagonize him.