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Crankshaft, 9/19/21

Oh, hey, remember how Max and Hannah’s business/passion project, the Valentine Theater, went out of business during the COVID lockdowns, and also Max and Hannah and their baby lived there, so they lost their home too? Well, they’re moving back in with Max’s parents and Crankshaft. Looks like somehow, despite being with Max for a while, Hannah hasn’t spent much time with him (who can blame her, honestly) and so doesn’t really know what his whole deal is! Well, she’s gonna find out, and find out fast, and it’s gonna wipe that smile right off her face.

Family Circus, 9/19/21

I certainly hope Billy compiled this entire strip specifically so he could throw it in his grandmother’s face. “Look at this, you old bat! You don’t know me! You don’t know shit about me!”