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Panel from Slylock Fox, 10/10/21

“Gosh,” you’re probably thinking, “I’m not sure what this fish photography session has to do with Slylock’s usual job,” and that’s because you’re a fool, an absolute child who believes Sly’s job is to “solve mysteries” or whatever. In fact, his larger task is to impose the will of the Forest Kingdom’s state apparatus on its subjects. Apparently, his ratiocination has quieted the metropole for the moment, so he and Max have been sent off on a colonial scouting expedition, plotting to bring a whole new branch of life under the control of Princess Pussycat‘s regime.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 10/10/21

I’m very excited for Griff to use his special ops skills to stealthily take position outside Jordan and Michelle’s home and get his erstwhile comrade’s skull right in his crosshairs, only to hear him nattering on about “why do I need friends when I have in-laws who I just met?” “I can’t do it,” he thinks. “What’s the point of even pulling the trigger? The man’s dead already.”